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Saimaatours rental cottages

Lakeside rental cottages each with their own sauna and boat

When you long for the peace of the countryside and clean environment, or adventure admist the lakes, rivers and forests of the wilderness. When you want to get to know a different European culture, living countryside and lovely small towns. When you are looking for new experiences - welcome to Lakeland !

Saimaatours offers a variety of cottages and villas by the lake to choose from.
All cottages have sauna, private beach and rowing boat.
You can experience a traditional Finnish cottage holiday without electricity or running water.
Add a bit comfort by renting a cottage with electricity or add a bit luxury to your holiday book a modern villa.

Visit our website www.saimaatours.fi, there you find information, pictures, prices and availability of most cottages. You can book cottages directly from the website, sending email or phoning us.

In high season (from mid June to mid August), minimum rental is one week and change day is Saturday.

And if any questions about rental, please don't hesitate to contact our office. Office hours Mon-Fri 9-17.
Saimaatours rental cottages
Kirkkokatu 10
Tel. +358 5 411 7722


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