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Crystal clear water and summer festivals

Canoeing to Lake Saimaa - crown your holiday by racing the rapids!

Arctic char (Salvelinus alpinus) is part of the salmon family and is found in Lake Kuolimonjärvi.. Fishermen say that the water in this lake is so clear that a fish trap can be seen at a depth of 6 metres.

After an energetic ramble or fishing trip the ramparts of the Kernäkoski Fortress or the lean-to in the Barge Port make the perfect picnic spot. Olkkolan Hovi Manor provides both accommodation and meals in a romantic milieu, whereas the Europaeus Museum displays the life and work of famous D. E. D. Europaeus, folklorist and colleague of Elias Lönnrot; The Hakamäki House Museum and the Church Builders; Museum make their own contribution to the impressive list of local attractions.

Sapassi Week is a fun festivity each summer in Savitaipale. Events and happenings include rowing trips in an old "church boat", concerts, country markets, fairs and exhibitions, and the authentic experience of dancing in a cowshed loft. Meanwhile the Theatre of Ice and Fire in February sets impressively on stage the fierce encounter of these contrasting elements.

Gourmets would be well advised to taste vendace and powan caught in Lake Kuolimonjärvi. And don't forget the unleavened rieska bread and flat potato cakes from local bakeries!

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