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Hotel Salpa

The idyllic and low cost 34-room Hotel Salpa is located on a hillside site with a beautiful view towards a clear water lake Kivijärvi. It includes a spacy restaurant for 200 persons, conference department and leisure facilities, saunas and a swimming pool.

Salpa Hotel is situated about 20 km from Lappeenranta, 15 km from Luumäki and 60 km from Kouvola. It is convenient to enjoy the services available in these nearby towns, such as various sport facilities and great shopping possibilities.

Next to Salpa Hotel there is the historic Salpa road which represents significant part of the recent history of the hundred-year-old independent Finland.

Kivijärven Beach Real Estate Ltd. has performed significant improvements and reforms to restore the complex beach-areas for year-round recreation. All the hotel rooms, restaurant, kitchen and living area have been remodeled and the technical building strctures have been renovated, as well as music and audio systems have been modernized.

What comes to food and entertainment, the completely remodeled kitchen offers a vast supply of meals and delicacies in customer-friendly prices.

The legendary summer terrace will be reopened and will serve as a living room of the café-restaurant. The descending evening sun over the lake Kivijärvi creates the atmosphere of a summer terrace partying and enjoyment of the Finnish summer evenings where the light lingers on and on.

The cozy Salpa Hotel also promotes events with live music and dancing in its Lumo restaurant.

The relaxation facilities with more than 100-meter sandy beach, the hotel's two saunas and a 12-meter pool are available for hotel and restaurant customers.

We rent space to individuals, family gatherings and sports clubs and businesses.

The bright conference rooms and lake scenery create an inspiring learning environment.

We invite you warmly to enjoy the uncomplicated hospitality, be it morning, noon or evening.

The opening day was on May 27th, 2017.

Welcome to enjoy!
Hotel Salpa
Lappeenrannantie 265
Tel. +358 103113840