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Saimaan palju

Experience Finnish nature or have an active holiday!

Saimaan palju is a Finnish company that offers its customers activities from relaxing nature treks to exiting paintball matches. We strive to deliver the best authentic Finnish experience with our relaxing nature treks. Good example of this is our berry picking trek where we dive in to Finnish forest and pick the vitamin rich berries. Afterward we prepare delicious snack where we use the berries we just picket. Berry picking trek is one of the products we offer under “food from the nature” category.

If you are looking for more active holiday, we offer paintball or bubble soccer. Our paintball field is situated in Savitaipale which is 30min car ride from Lappeenranta. Bubble soccer game can be arranger in various locations in eastern Finland.

Berry picking

Welcome to berry picking! Finnish forests are full of tasteful and super healthy berries that are in the core of Finnish food culture. With the “everyman’s right” berry picking is easy because you don’t need any permissions from land owners. Because of this, there are very few people in Finland that have not been berry picking in their life time. Every Finn remembers the when they went berry picking with their grandparents and made a delicious blueberry pie afterwards.

Chanterelle picking

Welcome to chantarelle picking! Finnish forests are full of tasteful mushrooms. Chanterelle is one of the most famous mushrooms that can be found in Finnish forest. Most of Finns have been mushroom picking in their life time. No wonder, because chantarelle soup from freshly picked mushrooms is simply delicious.

During this trip we will only concentrate to chantarelles. They can be easily recognized even with no experience with mushrooms. With the “everyman’s right” mushroom picking is easy because you don’t need any permissions from land owners. Because of this, mushroom picking is very common hobby in Finland. The best places to pick are closely guarded secrets and revealed to no one. Unlike berries, chantarelles are more scares and finding them might be difficult.

Night in Nature

Experience Finnish nature at its best, silent, clean and beautiful. During the activity we will prepare traditional Finnish foods at open fire, experience nature with skilled nature guide and July to August you get the change to pick berries from the forest. At dinner time we will prepare dessert from the berries we picked during the day. Trekkers are provided a quality backpack, sleeping bag and tent with necessary accessories. Nature guide is with you during the whole trip offering guidance. Guide will also prepare the meals during the trip.

Open fire menu

Our open fire menu is designed to complement our nature activities. Menu fits perfectly to our nature activities, but can also be a separate event if wished. Because all the servings are prepared on a wood burning open fire, the only requirement is a safe fire pit.

Our menu consists of traditional Finnish dishes, but also offers newer dishes. Our policy is to use local ingredients always when possible. For example the mushrooms are picked by our self from the nearby forests.

Ice fishing with a guide

During this guided Ice fishing activity you can experience calmness of the Finnish lake and maybe even catch fish! The guide will explain the basic tricks of wintertime fishing. After the fishing we will enjoy delicious snack prepared on open fire. If we were lucky enough to catch fish we are going to prepare the catch also. Ice fishing trips are arranged at Kuolimo –Lake or at Saimaa –lake near Lappeenranta

Ice fishing with nets

During this guided Ice fishing activity you can experience fishing with nets. With 60 meters of net the catch is almost certain. But like everyone knows, there are no guarantees in fishing. If we are lucky enough to catch a fish or two, we are going to enjoy it with a small snack. During the activity guide will tell you the basics of wintertime fishing. The activity can be arranged in lake Kuolimo or at lake Saimaa near Lappeenranta. 


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