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Frisbee golf courses in Imatra region

Frisbee golf is a great way to enjoy a beautiful day outdoors with friends or family!
There are 8 Frisbee golf fields in Imatra region. 4 in Imatra and 4 in Rautjärvi.

Fields in Imatra:

Karhumäki DiscGolfPark, 21 fairways
Kenttämiehenkuja 3, 55420 Imatra

Mikonpuisto DiscGolfPark, 9 fairways
Koulukatu 71, 55100 Imatra

Urheilutalo DiscGolfPark, 9 fairways
Next to Imatra Sports hall and swimming pool

The Finnish-Russian school of Eastern Finland frisbee golf field, 9 fairways
Kanavakatu 6, 55100 Imatra
(in public use outside of school hours)

Fields in Rautjärvi:

Tehtaanpuisto DiscGolfPark, 9 fairways
Puistokatu 4, 56800 Rautjärvi

Kekäleniemi frisbee golf field, 6 fairways
Kekäleniementie 1, 56730 Rautjärvi

Rautjärvi DiscGolfPark, 9 fairways
Toivonkatu 5, 56610 Rautjärvi

Hannula laavu frisbee golf field, 3 fairways putting track
Uimolantie 1080, 56730 Laikko

Frisbee golf courses in Imatra region