Guided nature tour

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4/17/2017 12:05 AM

Nature Stories are nature-based recreational services provided by Kulttuuripalvelu Kaiku Ky. Nature Stories include services such as traditional forest excursions, observing the nature and the animals in it, nature adventures with the forest elves for families and introducing the mythology, traditions and history related to the forests.

The services are arranged to order and the content can be customized with different themes as the customer wishes. The excursions head to the forest and lake area of South-Karelia and the starting point and the destination are determined by the demands of the content as well as the wishes of the customer.


1.     The traditional fishing or forest excursion. Let us take you to relax to the beautiful Karelian nature! Group size max. 15 persons. Prices from 150 € up / group ( from 10 € up / person).

2.     The nature tour of Varpu and Naava. Nature adventure by forest elves for children and families. Get to know the wonders of nature and solve the riddle of Tapio, the sire of the forest. Duration 1½ - 2 hours. Group size max 50 persons. Prices from 500 € up / group (from 10 € up / person)

3.     Tapio's tour. Get to know the stories and the mythology related to the forest (for adults). Duration 1½-2 hours. Group size max 50 persons. Prizes from 1000 € up / group (from 20 € up / person).

4.     Guided tours to nature attractions that include culture and history. Group size max 50 persons. Prices from 300 € up / group (from 6 € up / person).

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